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Phil-Can's Committee Update


Opening Day : January 6, 2019

Venue : Seneca College

The schedule has been updated. Please see the Schedule & Standing page for more information.

Important Note: Parking is $2 and will be mandatory if you are parking within the school. Please speak to any Phil-Can Officers and we will answer any questions you have.


Phil – Can Basketball Winter League is coming SOON.

Opening Day : January 6, 2019

Venue : Seneca College


OPEN – no age limit

SENIOR – 30 years old and up 

MASTER – 40 years old and up

Guaranteed 8 games, plus play-off

Contact Cid or Eddie to register your team, you can also use the Get in Touch at the bottom of the page to request any questions and information that you need. 

Cid Pascua : 647-710-5743 

Email :

Eddie Semira : 647-388-2189

Please Confirm before NOVEMBER 25, 2018

On behalf of Phil-Can Athletic Club Thank You,

-Cid Pascua – Phil-Can Executive

Important Note

Due to new changes within Seneca, Parking is now being run by a 3rd party. For anyone wishing to park we have been given a rate of $1.25 per car. Please see anyone of the Phil-Can committee for more information.

Schedule Update

Schedule has been updated please check your schedule below.

Open Division Highlight

Mix6Pro is back with Open Division Game Week 3 Highlight, please check it out and give him a shout out.

Owen Graham

We would like to congratulate our very own Phil-Can Player Owen Graham that was selected 1st overall pick from the PBA-D League. Story from ABS-CBN website link below. Keep grinding Owen we at Phil-Can are rooting for you all the way, congratulation and we wish all the best with your success.

-Cid Pascua – Phil-Can Executive

We want to give a big shout out to Bens Ki for putting a lot of effort with his Video’s. For all the contribution he is making we created a page Dedicated to his work.

Please view the page below and give him a greet when you see him.

-Cid Pascua – Phil-Can Executive

Welcome to our brand new website. We hope you like it, for feedback please send an email to Please send us your logo if you have one already made so it can be added in the front page. 

Highlight Reel - 2018 Open Championship Game

What People are Saying!

Fil-Act Mom

Fil-Act Mom

"This is by far one of the best league to have my son play on. Official TABO referees are good to have so the calls are always fair. My son loves the competition, as it is a very challenging league."

Coach J

Coach J

"Best League to play in. Open Competition is always the best to watch."



This league is very well organize, the staff are great, the referees are very fair, and the competition is very high."

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